Induction Street Light Model 0620 (40W x 2)

  • Street Light 0620 Fixture
  • Tubes + Ballasts
Induction street light

Key Specifications & Features

  • No. 0620
  • Model: LVD-ZD30000
  • Category: Street light
  • Light Source: Circle Tube - 40W x 2
  • Dimension: 1380x400x260mm (54.3"x15.7"x10.2")
  • Protection Class: IP54
  • Weight: 31 Lb (Reference only)
  • Package Dimension: 1430x455x295mm
  • Installation Diameter: Φ76mm (Φ3")


Download: IES File | Cut Sheet induction light cut-sheet


Light Fixture Construction

  • The fixture body is made of die-casting aluminum alloy
  • High-purity aluminum reflector provides optimum light distribution.
  • High temperature resistant cambered tempered glass.
  • Stainless Steel and flexibility hasp, simple structure.
  • Two sides opening mode is convenient for installation.
  • Match LVD Circle lamp.


Urban sub-trunk road, Spur track, Bridges, Street, Railway stations, Airports


induction street light tubes Series Category Luminous Flux Visible Flux Tube Dimension Rated Wattage
Circle LVD-WJY40HW1 2800 3900~4600 Φ152xH89mm 40W


Model Operating voltage Current Power Factor Operating Temperature Basic Frequency
LVD-WJ12-40DJC 10.5-14V 3.33A - -30~122°F 225kHz
LVD-WJ220/50-40DJF 175-265V 0.21A 0.98 -30~122°F 225kHz
LVD-WJ24-40DJC 21-26V 1.67A - -30~122°F 225kHz
LVD-WJ277/60-40DJF 230-305V 0.17A 0.98 -30~122°F 225kHz
LVD-WJ347/60-40DJF 305-382V 0.13A 0.98 -30~122°F 225kHz




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