LED Panel Light Series > LTP2x2-42W

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  • Specefications
  • Photo-Electricity Test Report
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Key Specs

  • 42W
  • Input: AC 96-265V 50/60Hz
  • Lumens: 2400
  • Size: 2Ft x 2Ft


  • High quality, even, consistent, shadow less light
  • High color rendering index
  • huge energy saving, low maintenance
  • 50,000 hour life
  • 500 LED bulbs
  • New high efficiency constant current drive
  • Instant start, no flickering, no humming
  • No electrical wave, conforming to CE
  • Mercury free, conforming to RoHS
  • No RF interference
  • Special circuit design, each group of LEDs work separately, avoiding any problem of lighting output caused or influenced by single faulty LED


  • Optical Light Guide Plate made of high refraction polycarbonate specially designed to ensure the best light utilization and uniformity.
  • Frame made of premium oxidation treated aluminum alloy. Back Panel made of aluminum alloy. The structure is well designed for heat reduction.
  • LED Light Panel is connected with AC/DC Converter using a quick plug-in connector for easy installation.


Input Voltage AC 96-265V/60Hz

*Lumens rated differently depending on color temperature.

** The AC/DC Converter is UL certified to meet safety standard developed by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). ANSI does not require low voltage small power capacity LED panel to be certified by UL or other NRTL authorized testing laboratory.

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Power Consumption 42 W
Luminous Flux 57 Lm/W 
Lumens 2400
Light color options Wide range of options
Color Temperature options 2600-3500K  warm white
3500-5000K  normal white
5000-7000K  cool white
Life time >50,000 Hours
Operating Temperature -13F – 122F
Storage Temperature -13F – 140F
Operating Humidity  20-90%
Storage Humidity  10-90%
Luminosity >12000 LUX
Power Factor >90%
Color Rending Index 75
Certifications ISO9001, CE, RoHS, UL**
Weight 8.1 lb
Dimensions 23.75” x 23.75” x 0.38”
IK Code IK01
IP Code IP41
Luminaries Class Class II
Installation N-built, Mounting, or Suspending

LED Panel Light Spectrum

  • CIE Chromaticity coordinates:  x=0.3163  y=0.3375/u'=0.1971  v'=0.4733
    Related color temperature:  Tc=6263K
    Dominant wavelength:  λd=494.9nm     color purity: Pur=5.5% central wavelength: 544.0nm
    Color ratio: R=13.3% G=83.0% B=3.7%   peak wave length:  λp=450.0nm   half width: Δλp=23.9nm
    Color render index:  Ra=72.6
    R1=70  R2=76  R3=79  R4=73  R5=71  R6=68  R7=83
    R8=61  R9=-28  R10=42  R11=69  R12=40  R13=70  R14=88  R15=65
    Light parameters:
    Flux: Φ=2334.5(lm)        light efficiency: η=57.41(lm/W)    emitting power:7.1988W
    Electrical parameters:  U=110V   I=0.413A    P=40.66W    PF=0.8958   60Hz
    Equipment status:
    Scan range: 380.0nm-800.0nm    period: 5.0nm   channel peak value: Ip=17782(G=3,D=52)
    Reference channel: REF=20640(R=3) maximum fluctuation: 0.088%  
    photo multiplier tube: 72.7F  test set: 68F



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